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"Storytelling, Technology and the Value of Human Relationships

 "There’s a new kid in town: " Read Full Article

"It’s the 4th Quarter, where did the third quarter go?

 "A lot happened during the third quarter of 2017... " Read Full Article

"The Impact of Government Shutdowns

 "Hope floats. Optimism about possible pro-growth.. " Read Full Article

"The Significance of Buying Time

 "Late July left investors with mixed emotions." Read Full Article

"About the Medicare Situation

 "Mid-July proved to be good for a lot of stocks," Read Full Article

 "Inflation: Is there a “new normal”?

  "All eyes on inflation!" Read Full Article

"And the Nobel Prize winner is …

 "The bull market in U.S. stocks is getting really old!" Read Full Article

   "Some thoughts about work vs. leisure

   "Is preparing for the future more important than enjoying the present?  " Read Full Article

"The “Bank of Mom and Dad”

 "How much is too much?" Read Full Article

"Don’t be confused by reporting on indexes

 "Does performance tell the whole story?" Read Full Article

"Where have all the Doctors gone?

 "The last week of April proved to be a good time to own stocks" Read Full Article

"Expect the Unexpected

 "Late last month investors multi-tasked, pushing both U.S. bond and...." Read Full Article

"Rational Decision About Where To Retire

 "And the survey said...." Read Full Article

Retirement: How much is enough?

 "U.S. stock markets are sending mixed signals." Read Full Article

"The Best Time To Invest: When You Have Money!

 "Toward the end of the first quarter, the bull market celebrated its....." Read Full Article

"The Trouble with the Truth

 "You’ve read it before – and it’s true." Read Full Article

"Three steps and no stumble

 "Technical analyst Edson Gould developed a market rule of thumb..." Read Full Article

"NAFTA: The pros and cons of trade agreements

 "They’re all on the pro rodeo circuit." Read Full Article

"Tax Savings Revisited

 "Tax season is upon us. That means we could all use some entertainment." Read Full Article

"Five Blind Men and an Elephant

 "Once upon a time, five blind men discovered an elephant." Read Full Article

"What Goes Up Must Come Down

 "Four major U.S. benchmark stock indices closed at record highs for......" Read Full Article

"A Nation Divided

 "What’s the word ‘phenomenal’ worth? It all depends on who says it." Read Full Article


 "Does college open doors? A new study examined...... " Read Full Article

"Children and Money

 "Are your children smart shoppers?" Read Full Article

"The State of the Union

 "Markets are off to a much better start in early 2017 than they were in 2016. " Read Full Article

"An Update on Burgernomics

 "Around the world in a few paragraphs…" Read Full Article

"America: The Land of Small Business

 "Are you thinking about starting a business?" Read Full Article

"College Or No College – A Dilemma

 "Is a college degree really necessary?" Read Full Article

"What careers are hot?

 "As we begin the New Year there is much about which to speculate." Read Full Article

"Two Super-Contagious Diseases - Fear and Greed

 "In mid-December, Reuters reported Fed funds futures indicated there was a 97 percent......" Read Full Article

"An Unexpected Christmas Gift

 "Barron’s reported consumer confidence is helping make this the most wonderful time of the year...." Read Full Article

"What’s ahead in 2017

 "It’s that time of the year again:" Read Full Article

"What it takes to be rich

 "How much wealth is there in the world?Read Full Article

"The gift that keeps on giving

 "Thanksgiving has come and gone, and the evening streets are slowly....Read Full Article

"The difficulty with predictions

 "Brexit came as a shock to many. So did the outcome of the U.S. election....Read Full Article

"What can a President really do?

 "In a shocking upset nearly two weeks ago, Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton to become......Read Full Article

"You can’t take it with you

 "Most Americans aren’t too concerned about federal estate taxes.Read Full Article

"It is not all about the President

 "November 8, 2016. It’s just two days away." Read Full Article

"The Awkward Conversation

 "If the need to simply have a conversation must be announced before..." Read Full Article

"Market Cycles Revisited

 "We all know the age-old fairytale, “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”, " Read Full Article

"The Third Quarter Revisited

 "Markets were relatively calm during the third quarter of 2016..." Read Full Article

"The Significance of a Presidential Election”

 "In case you haven’t noticed, it’s an election year!" Read Full Article

"The Millionaire Next Door Revisted”

 "Back in the 1980’s Thomas J. Stanley wrote a blockbuster book entitled..." Read Full Article

  "Where do you buy groceries?”

  "Blame it on the central banks! After 44 consecutive sleepy, summer days.." Read Full Article

"The impact of anticipation”

"Economists and market analysts have been thinking a lot about the Federal Reserve...." Read Full Article

"Why Aren’t Businesses Investing?”

"This year, the Federal Reserved has evaluated issues related to consumer spending, employment, and trade." Read Full Article

 "After The Flood”

"Recently, Wall Street was speculating about monetary policy with the enthusiasm of the Student Section at a LSU home game." Read Full Article

“Who do you believe?”

"How do you figure out what a stock is worth?......." Read Full Article

“Have you lived up to your parents' expectation?”

"It’s déjà vu all over again! The Chicago Board of Options Exchange..." Read Full Article

“All We Have To Fear Is Fear Itself”

"Remember the Brexit? It’s been a whole six weeks since the vote, so you may have to scrape the cobwebs..." Read Full Article

“Do Heights Make You Dizzy?”

"Start your engines,” was not in the Department of Labor (DOL)’s June Employment Report Summary, but it may as well have been." Read Full Article

“Move to Canada?”

"If there were a beauty contest among nations, Canada would probably be crowned Miss Congeniality." Read Full Article

“An Update on the Bond Market”

"This wasn’t the first quarter, or even the first year, that bond markets have not performed in the way Wall Street strategists have expected..." Read Full Article

“The Economic Cost of Terrorism”

"Are corporations in the United States struggling..." Read Full Article